Connecting a cruise company with gamified e-learning

An e-learning game for a global cruise operator’s workforce


The challenge

In 2015, the great people at Uniworld were looking for a partner to produce their first digital e-learning experience: something their workforce onboard the ships could find useful and entertaining in equal measure, and which could be used with the limited on-ship internet. Seb Azzo were fascinated by the chance to get involved with a forward looking cruise company and hopped on board to explore ideas with top management.



The solution

The challenge was dealt with by immersing ourselves in the Uniworld experience and build something that the onboard staff could really find value in. We went on the ships and spoke to the teams, held a two-day workshop with management and made sure we kicked off design with a clear understanding of the different parameters: Slow internet speeds, a strict policy around mobile devices during work hours, and a widely dispersed workforce.

We quickly discovered that the solution was in a fun, lighthearted game which could be to relax after a long shift, but which could also act to connect the different teams on the various ships together. Sofia Uniworld allows team members to challenge each other on company knowledge, win points and compete for gold.




Sofia Uniworld, a non-compulsory app, was downloaded more than 1,000 times by ship staff



Offline mode
We designed Sofia Uniworld to work with very slow internet speeds or no connection at all.

Seb Azzo plays a key role in the training of our global staff. Together, we launched several e-learning solutions across 94 countries and a 400,000 strong workforce.

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