Elegant tools for brands in motion

Elegant tools for brands in motion

SomeOne is an award-winning London based design practice that creates and launches brands world-wide. The studio continues to step up the game with a solution — A beautiful digital brandbook & asset manager for cutting-edge brands.

As brands take their experiences online, their identity evolves and often becomes more complex. This introduces the need of brand guidelines, otherwise known as brandbooks. They outline all the various aspects of the brand and how to use them: The logo, colour, typography and more. Traditionally, such documents existed as PDF files. Now, Seb Azzo created the solution. An all-in-one solution that empowers SomeOne to build the most complex brand guidelines through an easy-to-use backend.

The result is elegant and effective. The product’s large asset libraries, vast image & video galleries and robust access control means brand content is available anywhere, on any device and is 100% secure.

Seb Azzo plays a key role in the training of our global staff. Together, we launched several e-learning solutions across 94 countries and a 400,000 strong workforce.

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