Maximising the potential of a wonderful agency

Maximising the potential of a wonderful agency

It’s not everyday that we get to work with London’s best design studio. So we were delighted to get the opportunity to design and built the brand new website for SomeOne, their main showcase for their beautifully designed brand work which is as impressive as their list of clients. So we set out to do them justice, and design the best showcase website we’ve ever made. And we did just that.

The website is bold, minimal and very premium, just like the company it self. Our stylistic brief was the design the rolex of studio websites. We put their typefaces to good use and set them in white against a black background and made sure SomeOne’s projects looked great. The rest of the work was down to our developers, who painstakingly crafted a fully responsive front-end and highly customisable back-end which allows SomeOne to have full control over the contents and their position on the page.

Seb Azzo plays a key role in the training of our global staff. Together, we launched several e-learning solutions across 94 countries and a 400,000 strong workforce.

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