HP DataPass
Rapid prototyping for the global tech giant

Rapid prototyping for the global tech giant

HP DataPass, powered by Fogg Mobile, is a 3G data plan with no contract, credit card or overage fees. We teamed up with design studio Bunch to help create a fully responsive, intuitive registration process that guides new users through the new device and 3G service set up. The design is flexible, as sign up process varies between regions and operating systems.

Our work on DataPass focussed on the second iteration of the product. We kicked off the project with a complete expert review ranging from a SWOT analysis of the entire product, competition benchmarking and thorough stakeholder interviews to get the 360 view our designers need to start an ambitious project like HP DataPass.

Seb Azzo plays a key role in the training of our global staff. Together, we launched several e-learning solutions across 94 countries and a 400,000 strong workforce.

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